Copout T-shirt (Limited run / No Longer Available)

No Longer Available - Thanks everybody! 

A limited run Copout t-shirt, printed with white water based ink on Black 100% cotton shirts.*  

Copout was one of the great US hardcore bands of the 1990's, we got back from a 7 week full US tour in 1993 with very few bands to rave about, but Copout had blown our minds. They completely destroyed live, and the Memphis hardcore scene made a big impression on us; it was such a pleasure to see them in Memphis and to hang out. The only other time we got to see them was out in California was at 924 Gilman for Fiesta Grande, which is still burned into my brain, and immortalized on Fiesta Comes Alive(Slap-a-Ham Records). 

* If you want a different color besides BLACK (your choices: Red, Tennessee Orange, Military Green, Charcoal, Forest or Brown) just indicate which shirt color in the 'notes' at checkout. All shirts will get discharge water-based white ink(which may print slightly less white on some color shirts).  Also, if you don't want the back print, just say so in the notes of your order. 



Pre-order open until noon Monday September 21, 2020

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