Los Crudos - Brown & Black Unity - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

No Longer Available. 

This fundraiser is over, thank you for your support!!!


Chicago is facing some extremely challenging situations at the moment. The solidarity and unity between numerous poor communities (Brown and Black communities) are being challenged, manipulated, and disrupted. Each one of us needs to be the glue to keep our communities together. An organic response called Rapid Response Brown Squad for Black Lives is working in the Pilsen / Little Village barrios of Chicago as a support to Black Community members. Los Crudos designed a shirt to sell and donate 100 % of the profit  made to this organization and to assist in this complex battle that our communities are dealing with.


This pre-order sale will go on for one week only (ends June 10th) so please support, if you can. Order should begin shipping the week of June 15th.

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