Talk is Poison - Rage to Infinity 7"

I was really __________(adverb) _____________ (adjective) when I saw this come through the ____(noun). ____(#) songs of ________(adverb) ___________(adjective)_____(noun) Hardcore. I, ______(please select one: like/don't like/love/despise) ____________ (insert: some semi-related & dusted project) reminiscent of ________ (please select one: Japanese / UK/US/Italian/80's/90's ). A real ______ (banger / dud / heavy jive turkey), ______ (celebrity /blogspotter / President) would ____(a. love / b. hate / c. lick it off the ceiling).  Be sure and check _______(this release name, some other record name, me) out and keep _____ (adverb) in the _______(adjective) ______(noun). 

_____(your name / publication). 

Rage To Infinity
War Monger
Everyday Apocalypse
Burn Like Suns
Keep The Peace




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